Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vintage Eye Candy

Inspiration is all around us. 

And for me, it's all about finding new ways to use old, tried and true vintage and antique items.

As all of you know, I am a sucker for ornate frames, mirrors, chalkboards, cameos, silhouettes...I could go on and on...

And  just when I think that I have seen these used in the most unique ways, I find a photo or a blog post that absolutely inspires and moves me!

I stumbled upon a wonderful wedding blog (by accident, I was searching for images, lol), Green Wedding Shoes and found the most beautiful vintage inspired weddings, and baby showers.  

These ladies used vintage and antique items to create incredible events.    

Sit back and enjoy this Vintage eye candy!!!

Now do you want to feel sick to your stomach? 

Catie planned this whole thing in less than three months.  Unbelievable...

Here is her take on her wedding.

Any advice for those planning now?
I don’t know that I’m the person to give advice on this! My whole engagement was 3 months, with a very small budget in comparison with what the typical wedding costs. I spent the most money on the thing that was very most important to me which was photography. That was more than half my budget. The rest was all my friends and family.

Etsy is a wonderful place to find the perfect vintage items for a wedding or shower.  For example, check out my antique and vintage wedding chalkboards on Etsy!

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  1. Karen, this was a beautiful wedding. Love your blog name and your blog is so pretty. Thanks for stopping by and I'm adding your blog to mine.

  2. Hi Karen, That is such a pretty wedding, great eye candy. I love all the vintage pieces in the wedding decor, makes it really personal and fun. So pretty. Have a good weekend.
    The Swedish Room

  3. I love the vintage wedding! How fun and so much attention to detail! The photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing this. Cute post! I'm also in love with that aqua ruffled cake plate on the table.

  4. I litteraly have tears in my eyes.. I never got a wedding- we had our son while in highschool- worked-started college-saved a bit of $- and after baby#2, figured we should use the little of $ saved to buy home and have a Tahoe wedding.. I was the girl who wanted the fairy tale wedding.. After 3 kids our 2nd home - and 10 years married -my husband said lets have the wedding you wanted- but then We really wanted hardwood floors- so instead did that..
    BUT Now after seeing that BEAUTIFUl wedding - that is all me- my VIntage LOVE, the furniture-the typewriter-her Dress. OH MY GOSH.. I want that wedding..
    Hmmm. I might try to do that, a laid back Dream of everything i so so so love..
    Thanks for the pics...


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