Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Finds

Happy Friday Ladies and Gents!

I thought I would start this weekend off by sharing some of my recent vintage and antique finds.  I typically start my search on Thursday mornings and then again on Sundays.  

This week was a little light in great finds but I scored a few beauties nonetheless.  

Friday Find Tip #1
I don't always come home with goodies.  In fact, there are many days that I come home empty handed.  

The trick is to go early and often!  

I like to be at my favorite haunts as early as possible. And because I hit many stores in a very short period of time, I am there when the doors open.  I HATE shopping when there are crowds.  I like to look at my own pace and without distraction.  

Anyway that's all you're getting this evening:). I am about to have a home cooked dinner fixed by Mr. Rubbish, have a (or couple) glass of red wine, and watch Date Night!

In the morning, hubby and I are getting up early and hitting the Scott Antique Market!  I would love to have a little booth here one day...

Good Night,


  1. I have Scott on my calendar too, but for some reason, my husband thought it would be a good idea to take the kids to Six Flags instead- argh! Have fun at Scotts for me! Love your blog.


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