Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Finds Part 2

Hello Lovelys,

Today I am only going to give you a small snap shot of my finds for the week.  

Not because I am hiding anything or being snobby...

Only because most of my finds have already been painted and sealed and no longer look like they did when I purchased them! 

I am sure that many in the refined Antique business would be shocked that I take perfectly good vintage and antique items and paint them or add to them;

 But that is what I do.

I have no shame. 

In my little world, there is nothing more beautiful than taking something old, dusty and antiquated and making it fresh, modern and most of all.....


Here's a few unloved items from this week...

How about this trophy and silhouette?   And this gorgeous antique photo which was stuck behind one  of the prints that I purchased...get this for the frame only!  That is why I love this never know what little treasures you will find even when you are not looking:)

What did you find this week?

Happy Friday!



  1. What awesome finds! And the sweet surprise inside the frame..lucky you!

  2. Great finds...especially the loving cup. I heart those.
    I did find some fun things including a set of 4 French folding bistro chairs. Sure makes up for a couple of weekends of nothing...know what I mean?

  3. Hi Karen,

    those are the best finds, the small surprises :-)
    I've come over to your blog from Sherrie and left you a comment there as well. You've got a great blog and I love all of your findings!
    Have a great weekend, Ira


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