Thursday, August 5, 2010

Goodbye Summer...

My son started school today.

Didn't we just get out for summer? 

 I mean when I was growing up, the start of school meant fall was just around the corner, there was a slight chill in the air,  and we were actually ready for school to start because the summer was a FULL three months and we were bored out of our minds!

 We did not start school in the dead of the summer with days upwards of 100 degrees!!!

Anyway I digress...
 and while it still feels like summer,  the lazy, no homework, stress free days are now officially gone.

It is back to the grind, early early mornings, tutoring sessions, and ugh...the dreaded homework arguments.  

I miss you summer already :(.



  1. Hi, I am Karen too :)

    I live in New Zealand and we are into our last month of winter, and already our days are getting longer and the frosts getting fewer, so spring is just around the corner for us. I must say it has been hard reading about the northern hemisphere's summer while I struggle to paint my furniture in icy temperatures. But at the same time it has been nice seeing such beautiful images of summer, such as your above. Reminds me that our turn will come too!

    xx Karen

  2. I am sooo crabby about school starting so early!!! My oldest graduated high school this past year- but the two younger ones are starting in less than 2 weeks!! What happened to starting after Labor Day?? Aye....

  3. Hi Karen, I know what you mean it seems like everyone is in such a rush to end summer. I to remember when school started after Labor Day. PS I love the post on yarn wreaths, Too Cute.
    Have a good weekend.
    The Swedish Room


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