Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wedding Chalkboard

So I am in the wedding business....or sort of....

You see I make vintage framed wedding chalkboards.  

Alot of wedding chalkboards 

locally and through my Etsy shop.  

Of course I sell other items; ornate mirrors, frame groupings, and some vintage items 

but mostly chalkboards.

I take antique and vintage frames, and install custom made chalkboards for them.

These are perfect for wedding directionals, seating charts, menus, photo shoots, you get the idea.  

I am slowly building my little business which is truly a labor of love.....

And gradually I am beginning to reach out to the wedding community and industry...

so imagine by surprise when through my Google alerts, I picked up a blog post about my ETSY wedding items on a wonderful wedding blog by wedding planner, Paige Galla of appropriately named Paige One Events!

I can't believe it!!!  

My little shop made the front page of someone else's blog!!!  

I am so proud!!!

Now I know this is nothing big for most of you;  But in my little world, and the fact that I just got started a few months ago,....THIS is a big deal!

All of my hard work and loooong days are finally starting to pay off:)

Anyway, i just wanted to share my big girl news with all of my friends.  



  1. Congratulations Karen! That is awesome news!


  2. Congratulations, Karen! That is very exciting! Good for you.

  3. Congratulations!! I would be giddy with excitement, I hope you are, too!! Keep up the good work, it is sure to continue being noticed :)

  4. Hi Karen, Congrats on a great job. Your chalkboards are wonderful. I'm hoping you have much success in the near future.
    The Swedish Room


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