Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wedding Chalkboards Part 2

Hello Ladies,

Hopefully everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  
It is still brutally hot here in Atlanta but hopefully we will have cooler, Fall weather soon!

Hubby and I just finished our first total custom framed wedding chalkboard.  

We have done many custom color framed chalkboards but we made this one from scratch...frame and all.  

This board is huge at 76"!

It is for a November wedding in Connecticut and will be used to list the seating chart.  

Here was our inspiration..

She wants two of these boards.  Needless to say you can fit a lot of names on just one of these boards, never mind two:)  

I heart turning old unloved frames into beautiful chalkboards but being able to custom design any size is a great new challenge that I think could/should help our little business go to the next level.

Hello miter saw.....

We now can do any size, any color, and any finish.

Very excited about the possibilities. 


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  1. Awesome! There are just so many uses for those boards, I love them! Congratulations :)

  2. Hi Karen, Girl it is brutally hot here, can't wait for fall. I love the oversized chalk board. I hope you are having a good weekend.
    The Swedish Room

  3. Congratulations, Karen! It looks great and I can't believe the size of it. I'm happy for you with your wedding business kicking off!

  4. Where can we buy one of these boards?

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