Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Finds Part 3

Hello ladies,

I hope your Friday is going well...

I am having a wonderful day and wanted to share some of my Friday finds with you!

I found these wonderful "shabby" Victorian lady plaques which I thought would look so perfect hanging in a wall grouping (you know how i love those:), or in a nursery or little girl's room.

They are the perfect mix of fancy meets shabby...

I also found this dainty little ornate mirror which I thought didn't need anything extra...I am leaving this one as it is.......for now anyway:)

I just love it!  This is also available as a chalkboard if someone wants it that way....

All of these items can now be purchased in my DignifiedRubbish Shop!

What did you find this week?  

Is anyone headed to Scott's this weekend?  I can't make it but send me your booth pics if you see something extra special...I will include it in my upcoming "Booth Porn" post:)



  1. Karen,
    These are some beautiful finds! Looks like your shop doing splendidly, Congratulations!

  2. The ladies look just like something my daughter would have had in her room growing up. She would probably have something like that now if she found them. Love the mirror, too. And Booth Porn. Hehehe. Love it!


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