Saturday, July 24, 2010

To Do List-Get Organized!

Remember how I said my "big little grey house" was small?  Well that was an understatement...especially now that my little side Etsy business is taking over every room...literally.

Here is my cute little screened in porch that I was going to paint cottage white and then sit out and read design magazines and drink lemonade...yeah not going to happen anytime soon.  With the Atlanta summer heat, this space has turned in to a place to work, paint, clean my frames and vintage items, and get some relief from the heat and bugs.  And no those are not body bags hanging from the walls...but rather my new coffee sacks that just came in and I am airing them out.  Lovely huh?

Oh and these guys are all over the place...I love my frames but man do they take up a lot of room...

My would be office that has turned into another space to put frames and now shipping boxes.. and all things without a home...

and how about that dining room..huh? Won't be having any formal dinners here anytime soon..

Are your eyes burning yet?  

Well this morning I woke up and decided I couldn't take it anymore...I am almost finished with the living room/office area and then I am off to organize the screened in porch.  I am determined for it to stay this way until....well at least until Monday morning :).

Cleaned up the dining room and organized boxes...when in doubt, find a basket to disguise clutter.

Cleaned up my little makeshift office...

Organized my frames that are ready to be shipped out...

Ahh much better.....  

Of course my dream would be to have a entire room to devote to my little side business...something like this

Check out the framed, painted in a soft teal, peg board...this would be perfect for my frames!

or this...

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A girl can dream right???

And to all my Etsy do you stay organized?  Where do you keep your inventory?  I would love to know...shoot me a quick line in the comments.


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