Friday, July 30, 2010

Sometimes a Girl Just Needs Some Color!

While I love all things white; white slipcovers, white linen drapes, white lamps, white furniture, I still, every now and then, get a sudden urge for dose of color.  Take for instance these brass lamps. I could tell immediately that they would look hot in a bright Hollywood Regency-esqe color.  

What color did I chose?



YELLOW!!!! Bright, sunshine, make me happy yellow!

What do you think?  These make me soooo happy!  Too bad I already sold them....

Ever wish that you could get back something that you created?  And yes I know they really don't go with my decor...but man I miss those lamps!

Oh well....just another day's work..

Happy Friday!


  1. Whew! That's some color! :) But, you know, it's fun and it really wakes up those leepy lamps.

  2. Karen - I love those yellow lamps! I'm a fan of's a happy color! You turned those lamps from drab to dramatic! Great job!

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