Friday, July 9, 2010

Foyer Fun

I am almost finished with my mini foyer reno.  Remember it initially looked like this.

Stunning right?  Um yeah not so much.  So my first step was to obtain, make or build a bench, chair, ect , or something to sit on when you come in and take off your shoes.  So I hit the GW and found the perfect mini bench, however when I went back it was gone.  I found these instead..

Thought...these could work.
So I put them in the space.  So far so good.

Let me remind you, this space is tiny.  I don't want too much clutter.  I decided I needed a coat rack and began to search online, Ikea, GW, and couldn't find anything that would work size or budget wise.  

 I began searching for inspiration and decided I could make it for much less.  I went to Home Depot and purchased a piece of pine and cut it to my wall's specifications.  

It looked like this...

I wanted an old worn looking piece so I stained it a dark walnut color..

Then painted it a creamy white..

And proceeded to sand it and beat it with a sock filled with nuts and bolts...I couldn't find a

Headed over to Hobby Lobby and found just the right vintage-looking hooks (of course they were half off...I looooove Hobby Lobby:) and had Mr. Rubbish install them..

I then installed it on my little wall....voila!  Instant coat rack for $15 bucks!

Found this little piece the next day and thought it would be perfect to hold our shoes...

Sorry for the blurry pic...but I did what every DIYer would do and painted it the same color as my coat rack.  

Hung a few pics and here is the 


I still have a couple of other items such as a new rug and I would like to have a subway print over the two white chairs but this will suffice for now.  

Thanks for stopping by,

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  1. You can make a bench from the two chairs by framing the seats with boards and then making a padded seat out of a piece of wood with batting and a nice piece of fabric, then screw it onto the framed chairs.

  2. I followed your link from Funky Junk's SNS party. I LOVE your foyer transformation. This is my first visit and now I'm off to explore your blog some more...

  3. I came by from SNS at Funky Junk too. Pretty and improved organization make it perfect! My favourite part is the distressed hooks.

  4. hi, i'm stopping by via sns! i love the coat rack you made! i wish,wish,wish we had a hobby lobby in calif.! great job!

  5. Great job, I love the coat rack. Very charming.

  6. Functional, pretty and cheap~it's the DIY trifecta!

    Well done!

  7. I love your entryway. I need a new look for my foyer so bad, but I am still working on a few things before I get there. Thanks for sharing yours!

  8. Great job! It is so welcoming and cute. Can I come over?? Kidding (not a stalker) keep up the cute work!

  9. I love this. It turned out great.

  10. What a great transformation, beautiful job! Esp. love the two simple chairs turned into a bench-like arrangement. Also, I love the name of your blog!

  11. Love the homemade coat rack! Found you through Maryann's POPP.

  12. Love it and I would love if you would link this project up over at my blog‘s Upcycled Awesome linky party –

  13. Very inviting :) Thanks for linkin' up the PoPP.


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