Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Things I Am Loving Right Now!

Today is the first day of my new series, "Things I Am Loving Right Now!".  I will try and do this every Tuesday to highlight my fellow Etsy sellers and other trends that I find interesting and think that you will too! 

Things I Am Loving Right Now-Part 1
First up is an amazing artist, Alyssa Ettinger, from Brooklyn, New York, who creates porcelain replicas of antique milk bottles and mason jars.  They are all hand cast from actual antique half pint milk jugs and bottles.  These are just incredible and would look amazing in a kitchen as a grouping or even in a display case next to antique milk glass.  I absolutely love these!

and these....

Next up are these great French vintage looking hang tags perfect for your handmade or vintage items.  Or use them as part of your staging in conjunction with one of your displayed items in your booth.  I am thinking of pairing one of these with one of my own tags to attach to my Etsy items that I mail out as part of my packaging.  The Etsy shop that makes these adorable tags is  PaperEclectiques  Love them!


Banners are all the rage and this crafty artist who's shop's name is  FunkyShique on Etsy, went a step further and did a banner with burlap! Duh!!! Only two of the hottest trends out there! She was the original burlap banner inventor so for that she is making my list.  I am so going to have to have one of these for my front door and my mantle!  They just scream "modern country"! 


Ok so this is a new favorite of mine that I just found yesterday.  Talk about creative!  TrixieDelicious takes vintage china and then adds "adult themed" vinyl words to create one of the best uses of juxtaposition that I have ever seen .  These would make great gifts! 


Now if you want cutting edge, then the next items are for you.  Can you say paper clip lanterns? No I am not kidding...check these out.  And if you really love them, you can even purchase the tutorial that shows how to make them for your own home!  Check out their Etsy shop at ReDesign Technologies for more information.


And last but certainly not least, is my new design maven crush, two sisters from Detroit who create these incredible pieces of art/jewelry that just blow me away and I want every piece!  These will certainly make great birthday and Christmas presents.  Their Etsy shop is Whiteowl  go check them out and tell them I sent you!!!

So that is my first list and I hope you have enjoyed learning about other amazing artists who should inspire us all!  Which was your favorite and why?  Or do you have a shop that my readers should check out?  Send me a note or leave it in the comments sections of this post.  I welcome all comments!

Karen (aka Mrs. Rubbish)

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring our jewelry on your lovely blog! :)

    White Owl


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