Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Made by Me!!!

I know I mentioned that I would post a few pics of the progress with the "big little grey house" but I thought I would first show a couple of my most recent projects.  

I recently completed my Swedish grey/blue coffee table with new oil rubbed bronze hardware.  I sold it relatively quick which I am always grateful for!  Sorry for the hazy photo...I am still in the process of mastering Picasa.

Next is a lovely baroque mirror that I painted a dreamy white and sold within a week.  I was kind of sad to see it go...oh well mirrors come and mirrors go...

Here is one that I showed you at the beginning of my blog.  This is by far one of my favorite chalkboard pieces.  I loved it so much that I am keeping it!  Plus I am sure that this mirror is an antique.  I scored it a few years ago at a Buckhead estate sale in an incredible home.  I didn't think I would be able to display it in our current rental because as a mirror it was just too formal for our space.  So I did what any handy dandy DIYer would do and I gave it a more casual look by making it a chalkboard!  I love the juxtaposition of the two finishes.  Plus I have been wanting one of these ever since I saw this photo from one of my favorite all time magazines that is no longer with us...Cottage Living.  It was this photo that caught my eye:

I am not sure who the photographer was but if you shoot me an email I will be sure to credit you!!!

On that note, I decided to score another large (and I mean large) chalkboard and give it the same treatment.  I am having a tougher time selling this one though...I think it may be just too big for most people..  If anyone out there is need of an extra large gold ornate framed chalkboard, send me message!!!

Here is my first stab at painting a lot of vintage frames and then aging them.  I was pretty happy with them.  I have a lot more of these to do...see my fancy work studio aka the screened in porch with my plethora of frames waiting there turn to be re-vitalized!!!!

Check out some of my other goodies from my junkin trip last week...the adorable wire basket (I can never get enough of these) and how about this little lantern?  I was thinking of painting it red and making it into a little lamp or turning it into a pendant light and giving it to my girlfriend who just had a baby boy.  Any other ideas?

Tomorrow my parents are coming into town and I am sure my mom and I will hit the antique stores and flea markets.  

Of course I will share with you all!!  



  1. Karen,
    Wow! You have a lovely blog. Would it be ok if I'm your first follower? :)

    Anyway, about the tax id number. You need one no matter how big or small you are. There are some quarters that I only pay a few dollars in collected sales tax (because most of my sales are for services, which are not taxed, or as a consignee.) It doesn't cost any money to get one, so get one. Good luck!

  2. Hi Karen!

    I found your blog through Funky Junk Interiors. I love your work and I am a new follower-will also put you on my blogroll.



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