Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fourth of July Foyer Reno

So instead of heading to the beach this weekend, (damn oil spill!) I have decided to begin my home transformation and begin working on the first room you see in my little rental house, which is the foyer. 

 Not much to right home about but I am excited at the challenge nonetheless!

The home we just sold had a a huge, GRAND  foyer with 25 foot ceilings but no walls to hang or place furniture on.  The formal living room and formal dining room flanked the foyer so my only options were to add a rug, hang a chandelier and call it a day...

So while it was much larger, I actually prefer my new little foyer instead.  Plus I love the challenge of changing my style which before was more formal (ummm uptight) and because now I can experiment with a simpler, more modern country style that fits the "big little grey" house perfectly.  Plus my mother and my husband keep reminding me not to spend too much on a home that I will be in for a year max.  I plan to do all my decorating on as tight a budget as possible :).

Ok back to the is the picture that started it all. 

This is the adorable foyer/entry of my blog crush, Donna from FunkyJunkInteriors.  You have to check this girl out!  See her before and afters and you will be blown away.  Her space is larger than mine but I love the mix of rustic elements with soft touches of color.  And that bench??? Can you believe it was to be used or was used in the back of a pickup truck? How creative.  So stop over and say hi and tell her I sent you!!

Here is more foyer/mudroom inspiration that I also like...

All of the following pics are from

All of the remaining pics are from

So what do you  think?  I really would like to use the two white chairs that I just picket up somewhere in the design...maybe instead of a bench?  Hopefully I will have a reveal within the next couple of weeks....

Stay tuned.


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