Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Junking in Atlanta!

Hi Ladies,
With my mom and dad on their way to Atlanta, I thought I would map out our shopping trip for tomorrow and Friday. If you have never been to Atlanta, I think we have really great shopping for the junkin enthusastist! Our first stop will definitely be the Goodwill store in Marietta...why you ask? Well first of all the Goodwill opens at 9am so I like to be there bright and early when no one is there and because the antique shops and flea markets aren't open yet..duh.

Now I am extremely focused when I go into the goodwill...I know what I am looking for and make a bee line to my favorite sections. Every week the goodwill changes their promotion to a different color and if the tag has this color then the item is an additional 50% off...score! I don't buy things (typically) unless it is 50% off. Hey I need to keep my costs down in order to make a higher profit right? I have found though that the prices tend to be a little higher at the Goodwill then at other thrift stores like Value Village for example. Anyway back to the hunt...i immediately scan the furniture, then the sporting stuff...then into housewares...this is where you have to really look and move stuff around. The perfect little jar or wire basket may be pushed way to the back. Finally I head over to the artwork, frames and lamps...this is where I spend a lot of my time. I love solid wood vintage frames and this is a great place to find them.
Next it is over to my absolute favorite place ( I probably shouldn't let all my secrets out but oh well I'm a giver:) ) A Classy Flea. It is in the same shopping center near the Goodwill and has been around for TEN years! It is definitely a local favorite. It looks so deceiving from the would never know how big and how wonderful this place is until you get in...I really hope to one day be able to set up a booth if anyone from there is reading this...hint hint, I am available...wink wink. They keep a wait list of dealers wanting to set up shop. The shop turns merchandise quickly because the items are priced so well. The dealers buy low and sell low. They have created a very loyal following and many dealers come from out of state to purchaser items. I go at least once a week and usually do not leave without something. So if you're ever in Atlanta, check them out. Tell them I sent you!   Check out their website Here .

Next it's over to the Value Village where you can find some hidden treasures. Pricing is really good here. After this I head over to the newly managed Cobb Antique Mall which is large but the pricing is definitely higher which is only to be expected since they are mostly selling to the public and not dealers.

I then head over to either Roswell or Woodstock depending on how much time I have. Both have great thrift stores and antique malls. Roswell has a wonderful antique mall called called Roswell Antiques in Historic Roswell. This mall is a little smaller but has wonderful French and Swedish antiques which are two of my favorite styles. Again pricing is a little higher but it is great for getting ideas and inspiration. You can visit their website here Here   Note: If you are ever in Atlanta, you must visit Historic Roswell.  It is such a quaint little place with fabulous restaurants and antique shopping.  A must!

Woodstock is one of my newer favorite spots...maybe I can take some photos tomorrow depending if we make it there or not.  Woodstock is a northern suburb of Atlanta, as is Roswell and Marietta for my out of towners...

Anyway I am off for now..headed to the Depot (Home Depot that is) to pick up more paint. 


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